The toughest and most reliable products specifically engineered for rental in the hardest conditions of use


The toughest and most reliable products specifically engineered for rental in the hardest conditions of use.

dc set


The Solid is a jacket specifically designed for dive centers that value their image and their clients and divers who know how to appreciate the essentials in their diving equipment.

Simple, strong and effective, designed thinking in the needs of diving centers and professional diving companies that require a reliable product, high strength and a contained cost.

  • Extraordinary size / lift capacity ratio thanks to its new pattern with oversized lateral lobes to optimize the lift / size ratio as well as the capacity of the pockets. Internal thermo welding with sectoring tubes to optimize the lift capacity: Size XXS 8 Kg, size XS 12 Kg, Size S 14 Kg, Size M 16 Kg, Size L 19 Kg, Size XL 22 Kg.
  • Cordura 500 Denier. 
  • Integrated compartments for fixing the pressure gauge and the Octopus
  • Size shown on the shoulder pad.
  • Inflator with double air filtering system under the connecting stem of the hose and around the valve. Easily disassembled for small cleaning operations,
  • Anchoring flap for the inflator hose in thermoplastic rubber.
  • Independent ventral strap 
  • Elastic chest strap with integrated whistle.
  • Lean backpack with reduced thickness,It is possible to use double tank strap. Includes safety strap for fastening the bcd to the tank valve.
  • Reinforcement in the neck to avoid possible tears due to falls of tanks when the bcd and regulator are mounted.
  • Two dump valves (by puller) 
  • D rings located at the shoulders and two more front side rings.
  • Sizes from XXS to XL


1st STAGE AC2:

Simple piston 1st stage, a "work mule" that is affordable, simple, reliable and robust, suitable for intense use. This first stage is appreciated by dive centers and professional companies who consider it to be a very rentable tool, due to its low cost and practically nonexistent need for maintenance, as well as a surprising level of performance.

  • Conical filter with large filtering capacity, essential for preventing infiltration of particles from the tanks.
  • Air flow administered at 2100 l/min 
  • Exterior LP regulation via Allen key, greatly facilitates managing adjustments and technical maintenance.
  • One 7/16” high pressure port (HP) and four 3/8” low pressure ports (LP).
  • Weight: Int: 615 g / DIN 480 g



New ultra simplified monocoque second stage in ABS + elastomer, small (6 cm in diameter), very light (145 g) and robust, designed and built to have a minimum number of components.

  • Asymmetrical perforation in the front cap.
  • The flow of the water starts to push the diaphragm counter-clockwise so that its retraction is perfectly flat and the cam progressively descends perpendicularly, independent of conditions (currents, brisk movements, facial position, etc.).
  • Exhalation effort particularly reduced without having to reduce the thickness of the diaphragm.
  • The design of the membrane retention system directs the 100% channelled flow towards the nozzles of the bow, taking advantage of a strong Venturi effect.
  • Also, it works to direct the bubbles away from the diver’s field of vision.
  • Embedded membrane to avoid water infiltration in case of brisk turns or jumps to enter the water.
  • Practically integrated purge button, between 80-400% larger than that of any other regulator on the market to facilitate purging