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The A1 has been designed with an attractive style, it boasting high performance for scuba diving and freediving It features a single-lens made of tempered glass with or without a special UV420 sun ray protection. The UV420 helps in preventing damage of the eyes from the sun's harmful rays. The lenses are inclined and they have an inverted teardrop shape, increasing the downwards visibility. This allows better control and visibility of diving instruments and other equipment. The skirt and the strap are made of a soft silicone ensuring high-adaptation, fitting most all face shapes. The top of the internal skirt features a double feathered edge that increases the masks sealing ability. The drain skirt design improves water expulsion during mask clearance and minimizes water pooling.

The buckles are connected to the frame with a soft and elastic flap, not only for a flexible fit but also to reduce drag and the risk of breakage. The buckles allow an immediate adjustment of the strap length with one hand, even while wearing gloves. The Cressi A1 Mask features a large easy to reach, soft nose pocket for ear equalization. The UV420 version lens blocks harmful HEV which causes oxidative stress and deterioration of lutein. The lutein is a pigment in the retina that acts like natural sunglasses but can be damaged if it absorbs harmful lights. The yellow lens increases the contrast making objects more visible. Moreover, it increases the vibrancy of the colors underwater. The Cressi A1 Mask is available in multiple colors. Mask comes with a protective mask box.