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Aquaride combines a traditional structure with great ascensional capacity due to its particular pattern that oversizes the lobes and is extended to the hips.

Its profile is especially hydrodynamic which turns it into a jacket with an unusual relationship between ascensional capacity, stowage volume and underwater facility of advance.

It’s also a very equilibrated model in terms of lightness, resistance, pocket capacity, comfort and low price.

This all-terrain jacket incorporates the 2.0 version of weight system LOCK AID SYSTEM, now just as safe and easy to manage but with a lighter structure that allows using the jacket also without the weight system.

On the dorsal side of the jacket, two weight pockets allow a perfect layout of the weight in axis with the tank.

The semi rigid back pack fulfills its function of stabilizing the tank almost without adding weight and with a minimum volume.

The accessories’ provision is really complete: abdominal elastic adjustable strap and completely separated from the sack, attractive back pack’s pad of neutral buoyancy, stainless steel D-rings with angular design and “Y” hose carrier.

Sizes from XS to XL