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Cressi BLAZE sunglasses were created to protect your vision around the water.

The Cressi BLAZE solar filters protect 100% against UV rays, block reflected light, and ensure sharp, high-contrast vision. The lenses are made using shatterproof organic glass, an ideal material famous light weight and resistance to blows. The polarised filtres further improve vision. The HTC treatment layer makes the lenses water-repellent and keeps them clean.

The HTC treatment that Cressi has perfected protects the lenses from dirt and is water-repellent.

It combines the benefits of multi-layer anti-reflective treatments with the hardening treatment. This is the best treatment that Cressi Sunglasses has ever produced on sunglass lenses.

The "matchbox" container with its broad base protects the slide-out tray that houses the semi-rigid case for the sunglasses.

The glasses are protected by a microfiber bag with attached carabiner, and both can be stored in the semi-rigid case

  • Sport Sunglasses Frame 100% U V Protection High quality shatterproof lenses Sunglass for water sport Hard Protection Box
  • High-quality organic glass lenses
  • Repels dirt and is easy to clean
  • HTC treatment
  • Comfortable and durable frame
  • Satin finished