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Namaka is the Cressi kayak created to explore the coasts and nature, to move silently and reach places inaccessible by sailing or swimming, with zero emissions and the utmost respect for the marine environment.

Available in two versions, single or double seat, Namaka is an inflatable kayak with excellent stability thanks to its air chambers with tubular sections, which are ideal for following the waves.

Comfort is ensured by the inflatable seats that provide a raised paddling position, while the velcro strips and adjustable straps allow the lumbar support to be moved and adapted along the entire cockpit.

Namaka is equipped with nylon linings at the bow and stern with splash guards, practical bungee cords, handles to help carry it out of the water, a velcro oar holder and reinforced bottom with anti-abrasion layer.

Both models are ready-to-use sets, supplied with all the accessories needed for inflation and immediate use, from the pump to the paddles (two for the double and one for the single) up to the quick-hooking fins.