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The Cressi Lumia is an ultra LED dive flashlight perfect for scuba divers, free divers, and spear fishers.

It has excellent ergonomics thanks to thermoplastic rubber coating and a highly asymmetric design. The porthole and body are coated with thermoplastic rubber to extend shelf life and reduce noise from impact. The switch has 3 positions: on, off and ‘holding down’, ideal for use in all conditions. The “Holding down” position is useful in fishing because it turns the light on with a simple press.

The strap with slider spring allows adjustment according to the user's needs, and can quickly be adjusted in case of emergency. Power is supplied by four AA (LR6) batteries. There is a choice of two power levels: high and low. The light emits a warning signal when batteries are low and is equipped with auto-shutdown, should it accidentally be left on.

The LED has a neutral white color temperature similar to sunlight for maximum return of the colors in the underwater environment. The light beam of the LED is narrowed into a spot light beam of about 6° by means of a lens made of ultra-transparent material protected by the polycarbonate optical porthole.