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Fin as a shoe with short blade 100% natural rubber. This material has a great resistance to breakage and abrasion damage that makes it suitable for use by children both at sea and in the pool.

The fin is designed with the shoe in the middle of the blade, so that the transmission of force is effective, with a progressive motion and pleasant for the swimmer, reducing the hydrodynamic resistance of the upper part of the foot.

The sole has a calculated rigidity to avoid cramping at the sole of the foot. The rear part of the shoe is thicker, reinforced and has a tongue that facilitates its positioning. All the edges in contact with the skin are rounded for greater comfort.

The very soft and comfortable elastomer (thermoplastic rubber), which surrounds the upper part of the shoe and the side spars, helps the stability of the fin during swimming.

For shops on the coast, the option of a high-strength short fin is also particularly interesting as an aid to swimming, for light snorkeling and as protection, especially in rocky areas.