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Pro star set Black snorkel diving set for men's in Black by Cressi features of the pro star fin: developed a pioneering flippers null and the development of these from Cressi for the apnoet created by ieft diving models. First time even with a fin with closed foot and length flexible materials have been used. The blade is not copolymeren, but made of polypropylene, which is characterized by extreme lightness and flexibility. Be supplemented this material due to soft Thermoplastic rubber (elastomer) shoe, side stabilisers and the various compartments. The blade starts already around the shoe, which makes its usable surface area approximately 20% larger SweetSpot than normal fin from the same length. The side stabilisers will almost to the end of the fin blade, where you can lie to an edge guard, reinforcing, with the entire outer end of the fin blade is surrounded. 2 Mantles in the bottom section of the blade are used only for stability and perfect steering during each kick. The anatomically shaped shoe designed to PC and guarantees optimum power transfer between leg and fin. Thanks to this exceptional blend is a product of cases that is suitable for both light and difficult uses. Pro star is, once you have used it from special apnoea fins, the efficient Cressi fin with closed shoe. Just as much at home schnorcheltauchen, apnoet waterproof and diving. Features of the mask matrix: the mask matrix shape takes advantage of the revolutionary new features of the big eyes and take null at the same time new standards. The (patented) the principle of geneigten glasses in the shape of a, inverted water bottles was developed further. The lenses have been the eye angenähert as much as possible, meaning that the field of view up to a maximum increase research.

Set Contains:

1 x Snorkeling Set