• การขาย
  • ราคาปกติ 280.00 THB

  • This product has been specifically designed as an anti-fog protector for diving and swimming goggles, although it is equally effective on any vitreous surface (interior of windshields, bathroom mirrors, vision glasses and more).
  • To apply on the inside of the lenses and spread it over the entire surface. To use before getting the lenses wet.
  • Its gelatinous texture allows a precise dosage and its texture helps in the elimination of the fatty film from the glass.
  • Given its neutral pH (7.0) and the zero irritability of its components, it is ideal for use on surfaces near the eyes.
  • Its base is only deionized water, and does not contain any type of organic solvent since under immersion conditions, they could evaporate and affect the surfaces and eye fluids.
  • Applied correctly creates a protective film that prevents the condensation of microdrops on the surface where it has been used.
  • Contains anionic surfactants < 5%