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Spidy 25L Dry Deckpack came from the desire to create a waterproof backpack that can be comfortably carried on the board during sessions at sea. Spidy is a deckpack featuring adjustable straps with snap hooks, which can be hooked to the D-rings of each SUP in the collection.

The backpack is completely waterproof and can be opened and closed in two different ways: from above, thanks to the large pocket with strap for watertight closure, or from the base via the practical dry zip that surrounds the backpack’s structure. The lower hinged opening is especially useful at sea, as it lets you easily access the inside of the deckpack without having to unroll the upper opening. The front part of the backpack has a handy elastic, while the side has a mesh pocket.

The back and the adjustable padded shoulder straps, combined with the adjustment strap for the chest, make Spidy a convenient, comfortable and roomy backpack, ideal for all water activities.