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Shorty, hoodless, with short trousers and short sleeves, in double-lined neoprene 3 mm. Perfect for snorkeling, swimming, tropical seas and any water sport.

Elastic lining in Small Dyamond© with great resistance on the waist and shoulders. The reinforced shoulder area extends towards the arms to reduce the usual deterioration in continuous use in Diving Centers, due to the combined action of the coat rack, the sun and the weight of the wetsuit that is concentrated in this point.

Zip YKK® 10 mm, made of plastic and unalterable against external agents, positioned in the frontal area to facilitate the dressing of the wetsuit.

Mounting of the neoprene panels by gluing and flat seams not passing through with anti-scratch thread.

Legs, arms and neck finished with soft and elastic lycra border.

Customized "Diving" logos with transfer on the sleeve which allows the insertion of number or name in the dive center.

It includes in a very visible way the size and thickness (mm) of the suit.