• 1,645.00 THB
    ราคาต่อหน่วย ต่อ 

The Cressi Palau Adjustable Fin has the unique capability of catering for around 4 consecutive foot sizes in one fin. This combined with their very affordable price makes this fin ideal for anyone looking to do some snorkelling or swimming fin, and isn't limited to one individual due to their adaptability. The simplicity of the product is extended by their ability to be worn easily without needing neoprene socks or booties, even with the open heel strap design. The resulting fin is one which is suited to practically any foot for casual snorkelling purposes. The light material has fantastic response for highly efficient, powerful finning. The durable ring on the strap is intended to allow the straps to be reversed or to attach the fins to the body or some other object when not in use.

  • Simple adjustability to multiple sizes
  • Comfortable wear, even barefoot
  • Fluid and powerful finning