• 1,370.00 THB
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Marea Junior mask:
- 100% polyvalent mask perfect for apnea, snorkeling and diving. Really resistant and polyvalent also for diving centers. The frame’s design has been minimized through thicknesses and the glasses have been lightly angulated to improve the vertical and horizontal visibility. Completely pivoting tilting belts in all directions joined to the frame through flexible and unbreakable elastomer (through pusher with only one hand). Silicone skirt with 85% reliability percentage. Silicone strap.+ info

Top Junior snorkel:
- Snorkel of reduced dimensions, especially made for kids and women. Clear snorkel in flexible material with adjustable grip clamp to the mask. The snorkel finish has a valve with anti-splash buoying system that closes the tube on the moment that it’s underwater avoiding water entrance, even with waves. Silicone mouthpiece studied to offer a high comfort level even with an extended use. Elliptical silicone discharge valve that facilitates the snorkel’s emptying.