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Can the pleasure of stand-up paddleboarding be combined with a passion for spearfishing and freediving? tiger shark was born from this question and is designed to offer new possibilities for enjoying these activities.

The large and spacious 'fish' shape is ideal for providing stability onboard when preparing and setting up the equipment. Thanks to cressi storage hatch plf technology, this board makes it easy to transport equipment, with a large and practical locker in the bow equipped with a cover mesh pocket for storing items like ropes, fins or the catch itself. The supplied adjustable strap with d-ring can be passed under the board to connect the ascent line during diving and stored while paddling, so as not to affect hydrodynamic performance.

The bow is equipped with a base and shaft with a diving flag, while the d-rings are equipped with adjustable elastic bands to attach spearguns and rods to the side hooks, so as not to take up space onboard and always offer a view of the equipment. The practical bungee elastic cords are positioned at the stern to provide an additional cargo area. Technology: cressi storage hatch plf the first isup with integrated locker for stowing equipment and light gear, with a sturdy marine pvc bottom with high tensile strength and cover with mesh pocket. Pre-laminated material core without gluing and double-layer rail, for a sturdy but low-weight board offering excellent paddling performance and stability when preparing for activities onboard