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The combination of lightness, flexibility and equipment make this model a perfect choice both for dive trips as well as for divers who value the comfort, hydrodynamics and sense of freedom provided by light lean jackets.

The ultra-light structure of Travelight and its anatomical cut make this jacket quite close-fitting and hydrodynamic, posing very little resistance underwater.

Extraordinarily practical for transport with space and weight restrictions: 2.5Kg (size M) and, thanks to its bendable structure, a stowage volume of just 135 cm³, (36x25x15), a simple “little package”.

The air bladder design enhances the lateral distribution of air for a natural balance of weight. It combines traditional structure with notable buoyancy, and due to its waist-length shape and larger wings, it is especially hydrodynamic.

Two spacious, deep pockets with zipper closures and bottom and side gussets ensure plenty of carrying capacity.

The integrated weight Lock Aid System 2.0 facilitates automatic intuitive pocket insertion/extraction, even while wearing the jacket and under challenging conditions.

The weights fit perfectly in place.

The D-ring located at the pocket opening eases the stress on the fabric and facilitates direct insertion.

The pocket detaching mechanism has a 15mm spring effect in case of accidental snags, etc.

The pockets are reinforced with a rigid plate to facilitate sliding.

All sizes are the same, from XS to XL, as are the left and right sides, making spare parts management easier for businesses.

They have a capacity of up to 4.5Kg each with flexible weight.

The waist strap is independent of the air bladder so that the jacket will always fit properly without feeling constrictive when inflated.

The light alloy D-rings are angular.

Travelight incorporates the new Cressi Inflator, a Direct System for easy maintenance and disassembly, no tools needed, specifically resistant to sand. It has the traditional Cressi double air filtration system to prevent the infiltration of particulates that could clog the mouth of the valve.

The new high-quality model is very attractive, thanks to its finishings, weight and feel. The new inflator hose is very durable and robust and includes a hose guide.